October 29, 2014

I can do it all! Can't I?

Doodle 28 Oct 2014
Oh yes, I certainly can do everything I ever set my heart on, yes I can. I say this and I falter, with doubt and worry, and just a tiny bit of stress.

There's not so much I'm even trying to do. At least not compared to the dreams my father had for me as a child. "You can even be the President," he used to say, when we lived in the States. And when we moved to Israel, it was, "... or the Prime Minister."  With his ambition filling my sails, I duly completed a BA in Political Science, and later my MBA. With degrees like these, I could surely sail the complex seas of the world's political arenas.

Only problem was, this wasn't what I was passionate about! For years, the same man who believed in my endless capabilities also noticed that I was rather a daydreamer, a person who could be reflective, noticing how other people behaved, how even a shift in one person's mood could affect the entire atmosphere of a home. He would urge me to watch the news, be a world citizen, be aware of facts and figures. I stubbornly refused, and instead, lost myself in fiction, writing journals, developed a strong group of friends and set up my own family. I didn't follow the path he set out for me. I kept changing course, tacking from one job to another, from one career to the next.

Today I find myself immersed in my passions. I am writing - and some people are reading (or at least clicking on the blog ha ha)!  I am creating art, and using art and psychology to help myself and others focus on those beautiful, insightful, intimate moments we too seldom have in life. I am teaching and coaching young adults - hoping to let them find themselves and accept themselves with less struggle than I have done. Finally, I am now coaching people in companies to get in touch with their vulnerabilities in order to work well together and succeed in today's ever changing business world.

Can I do it all? A glimpse of our dinner table:
It is 7:45 pm. Most Dutch families have already eaten their dinners long ago. My devoted partner has served up a steaming plate of something yummy to each of us. "A new recipe" he declares. I have just walked in the door, dressed in clothes that are new and elegant.
"Smells good," I say, appreciatively.
"Mom, you're so late! Where were you?" complains my oldest.
"So, do you want to see what I did for my project? Can you look at it now, finally?" asks my youngest.
"Put some water on the table, please," asks my dear devoted...
"Miaow," says Amy, our cat, as she rubs her tail appreciately around my legs and walks rapidly towards the back door. 'Miaow, please let me out and then let me back in and feed me and then pick me up then put me down, then just rub my chin for a while, if you have the time," she asks silently. I nod at her and blink.(This is how we communicate.) Yes, I will do that too, after the kids have gone to bed, and while I'm catching up on my series on TV or my audio book or while I'm doodling as I do all three.

I can do it all, can't I?

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