April 21, 2015

Blog 1: Off to Singapore!

Blog 1: Off to Singapore!

That’s me! The guy on the right eating squid on stick and drinking avocado juice from a plastic bag. My name is Arvi and I had one of the best experience in my life when I went to Singapore for a student exchange. I needed to share these experiences and will write about the amazing 16 weeks in Singapore in the upcoming weeks. This blog is about my arrival in Singapore.

Please fasten your seat belts, we are ready for take off! Ready for an amazing experience of a lifetime, leaving behind my family, friends and country. This student exchange focuses on Asia and mainly on the business and economic side of Asia. That is why Singapore was the right choice for me to go on exchange to. Singapore is the center of Asia and right on the equator, making it the economic hub for other Asian countries.

Then I finally arrived in Singapore, Changi Airport. After all the formalities at the border, my first expression when I arrived in Singapore was the hot weather. During the first week, it hardly rained and it was around 27 Degrees every day. However, the air is very humid and I sweated a lot just by a 100 meter walk. This is my first mistake happens in Singapore. I had to take a cab to go to my hotel. When the taxi driver helped me to load my luggage into the car, I walked to right front door and accidently opened the driver seat. The driver seat happens to be on the right side of the car. This is also very confusing when crossing the roads. I am used to look left when crossing the road, while here, you have to look at your right.

The day after, I took a taxi to my condo in Bukit Batok, where I stayed with my roommate. The condo has a swimming pool, a tennis court, a gymnasium and basketball field.

Me and some of the exchange students immediately went to the city to explore the amazing sights of Singapore and tasting the food. You have to think of squid of a stick or drinking juice of out of plastic bag., exploring the modern/asian culture, climbing the highest buildings and ending the day with having a relaxing drink in Clarke Quay.

The third day, I went to the explore the campus. The campus is bigger than the size of Bijlmer with several different facilities including a swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, football field, sports center and even a stadium. Currently, there are over 3000 people living on campus. In addition, because the campus is so big, I had much trouble finding the right classroom for my first lecture. Fortunately, the local students are very polite and helpful and even walked with me to the classroom. From then I knew, the upcoming weeks will be the best experience in my life!

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