April 29, 2015

Blog 2: First Lecture and Tioman!

Blog 2: First Lecture and Tioman!

This week, I received my student visa pass, so I official became a citizen of Republic of Singapore! From now on, every time I cross borders, I can skip all the usual formalities and instead enter Singapore by scanning my fingerprints.

In addition, this week was the first time I had to go to the lectures. I am currently registered for four courses: Service Marketing, Global Business Strategy, Management and Organization and Intellectual property rights.

Compared to the students in the Netherlands, the local Singaporean students are very dedicated and motivated to score high. I went to the library on Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM to study and pre-read some lecture material before class. After the lecture, which ended on 17:00 PM, I went to library again to do homework and met the exact same students I met in the morning.

The lecture materials are not very difficult. The level of difficulty and workload can be compared to the one of at the HVA. However, the most annoying, or I should say difficult thing, about some of the lectures is that some teachers have a very strong Singaporean accent. I need to concentrate very hard to understand some of the lecturers. Funny thing that they tend to say “Lah” at the end of their sentences. .

On end of the week, 20 exchange students and me went to Tioman. It is a small island 51 kilometers from the east coast of southern Malaysia. To get there, I to go by bus and by ferry. The ferry ride was one of the most horrible experience in my life. The waves on the sea were four to five meters high and I got seasick because of it. The duration of the ferry ride was three hours long and I threw up several times.

There are five stops on Tioman Island. We booked a Chalet at the third stop. Five of us felt so sick that we got out of the ferry at the first stop. Before we got out, the captain told us that i is possible to take a taxi to our Chalet. Once we got out, we quickly found out that it was not possible! There is no road for any vehicle to ride on. This meant we had to walk two hours through the jungle to get to our Chalet! So we did. The jungle is actually very beautiful and it was more of an adventure for us to get to our Chalet. During the trip through the jungle, we saw many animals we usually see in the Artis. We saw crocodiles, monkeys, snakes and even sleeping bats. After around 2 hours walking in the Jungle, we finally arrived at the Chalet, while the others were relaxing at the beautiful beach. We surfed, partied, hiked, played games and many more!

In general, this trip was very relaxing. The people on this island are very friendly. The citizens greet you every time you walk by. Also, I don’t feel that these people know what stress is. They are so happy all the time. The manager of our Chalet did not even work a lot. He sometimes cooked meals for us and then taught us how to surf. He even partied and drank with us in the evening. This was the best first trips after being in Singapore.


  1. Sounds like quite an adventure! Would have loved to see a pic of the crocodile! How are the Singaporeans? Similar to the dutch in any way?

    1. Singaporeans are very disciplined people. Same with the dutch, Singaporeans are always on Time. They never miss a deadline. However, When it comes to culture, eating habits, morals, way of thinking, humor, and interests, the Singaporeans and the Dutch are total opposites from each other.