April 19, 2015

Choosing my courses in Japan

Before the courses started at my university, I had to go to the CIE office located on my university’s campus to choose my own set of courses. CIE stands for Center for International Education and the staff is very friendly and helpful when asking questions regarding Japan or the university.  Luckily for me, there were courses about the Japanese culture which I am interested in. The courses which were mandatory are the language courses and orthography. The orthography course seemed really challenging to me because I never had to study Kanji or had to write in Kanji at HvA. I did not want to choose the other courses which were business and IT related courses for beginners because I already followed these courses at HvA. It would be better to choose courses that I could not choose at HvA in my opinion.
So I have chosen the courses which were Pre-Intermediate Japanese, Japanese Orthography and Reading Skills, Traditional Culture of Japan, Calligraphy, Japanese society through Manga and Anime and Japanese Linguistics. After having chosen my courses, I also asked whether I could join a club on which the staff gave me a club book. There were many clubs such as the kendo club, kyudo club, music club, pottery club etc. It was interesting to see a variety of clubs and I wanted to join the kendo club but the required equipment was very expensive and that was a letdown for me. Also, there were flyers which promoted a kimono try-on activity which seemed fun to do.

After that, I went on exploring the building and I had to find a machine in order to activate my university’s insurance.  The machine was in the Japanese language only and it was super confusing but soon enough other exchange students had to activate their insurance on the machine and one of them was proficient in Japanese and helped me. J I like that the exchange students help each other out when in need which makes living in Japan so much easier. 
Seinan Gakuin campus

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  1. I enjoyed reading this! Sounds like it's quite challenging but also a fun experience!