April 6, 2015

Ever in doubt, do art!

I got a new journal, but unsure which words to share on the pristine new sheets of paper, i hesitated.
Then it came to me to do some sketches for a painting.
Those sketches became the art.
Start low threshold, let it go.
One line follows the next.
Never expect perfection.
Be vulnerable.
Be real.


  1. This post thrilled me and your sketches are marvellous. :)

    I have a love/hate relationship with new notebooks - so much possibility, so much risk!

  2. Hi Christine! Thanks for your comment and compliments! I see you also do Zentangles! (Meditative Art). I love that too! Indeed the blank pages of a new notebook are a great metaphor for all that possibility and fear that paralyzes us (me) so much of the time, while what we sometimes forget is that after this notebook, we can get another, and another, and it's just for us, so who cares? Let's dare!

  3. It's great to 'meet' someone else who does Zentangles. :)

    I've been starting new notebooks with a list lately, just so it's already 'ruined' and the pressure is off. This year has already been huge for me creatively and I'm hoping to 'ruin' many a notebook throughout 2015.