May 17, 2015

Blog 4: Accommodation in Singapore

Blog 4:The apartment in Singapore

After re-reading my old blogs, I noticed that I never told you guys about my apartment and who I lived with.

First of all, accommodation is a very big problem the Nanyang University has. There are two options an exchange students gets, which are On-Campus accommodation and Off-Campus accommodation. Every student is able to apply for On-Campus accommodation. The Campus is facilitated with a swimming pool, gym, convenient stores, track field, tennis court, basketball court, football field, library, and many more. So because of this, every student wants to stay on campus.
There were more than 500 exchange students who applied for this, and only 200 available spots. Of all 9 students from the HVA who applied, 1 lucky student got a On-Campus spot. Most lucky students are from the USA, Canada or nearby Asian Countries. This is due to the connection the universities have which each other.

The other unlucky students, including me, face the challenge to find Off-Campus Apartment. Before going to Singapore, couple of students and me were searching for possible apartments. The Singaporean housing prices are twice as high as in the Netherlands! So the first few weeks in Singapore, a friend and me, stayed a student dormitory where 10 people slept in a room. Not very convenient to sleep in as most men there snore in the sleep.

The university assigns agents to search the appropriate place to help students to find the appropriate place to stay. Then it happened!  A lovely family of four people, two adults and two kids, offered a room for two for a budget price. Another exchange student and me immediately accepted and moved in.

The best things about this place was the amazing swimming pool this apartment had. It was almost like a Hotel.
Every morning,  I went for a morning dip. Also, the family had a maid! If we asked, the maid would cook and clean the room for us.  However, out of respect for the maid, we hardly ever did. The children in this place were still 8 and 6 years old. They make the loudest noises in the morning. But this still beats the intense snoring at the student dormitory!

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