May 22, 2015

Blog 5: Midterms at NTU

Blog 5: Midterms!

The mid-terms were coming up! This week I will have two mid-terms for Service Marketing and Global Market Strategy. Stress! The library was packed with students studying for their midterms. It opens at 8 AM and closes at 10 PM. From 9 AM, it is already full and all seats are taken. The funny thing is that some students are sleeping on their desk.

Singaporean students are very dedicated and motivated on getting high grades. Exams are graded using a bell curve. This means that it is difficult to score high, which pressures exchange students to study hard as well.  Some say that they study for 3 weeks straight for one exam! However, the midterms turned out to be very easy. I even scored above average.

The exams at the NTU are in my opinion better than those at the HVA. An example of a question would be: What are the 5 forces of the Porter’s 5 forces framework? This type of question would not test the student’s intelligence or understanding of the theory, but rather his memory. A elementary school student could answer this type of question if he memorized the theory. You don’t even need to understand the theory, whereas a question at the NTU would require you to implement this theory on a certain case. For the Global Market Strategy Mid-Term, I was required to research the Cosmetic Industry and bring my findings to the exam. On the exam I had to write a market strategy for a company in the cosmetic industry.. These types of exams test the student’s intelligence, creativity, memory, and understanding of the theory. This is something I have noticed the first time I started the exam, which I would like to see changed at the HVA.

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