May 6, 2015

Cleaning the dormitory

I and other exchange students of the Japanese university Seinan Gakuin were guided in the I-House by the dormitory manager/janitor. He showed us how we had to clean the I-House, because each week the dormitory had to be cleaned depending on which floor you live. I have never seen a person explain cleaning in such a devoted way.  He speak English, but the instructions were crisp and clear. We had to learn how to mop a floor. So after each mopping instruction by the dormitory manager, each student had to show whether he or she could understand it by demonstrating.  It was a funny but informative experience, because I never mopped a floor before and some students were really clumsy. Moreover, he showed us where to take the garbage and how to divide the garbage. Funny thing was, there were alcohol bottles, and use of alcohol is prohibited in the I-House, so this was quiet contradicting and everyone had to laugh about it. I wondered whether rules really had to be strictly followed and what would happen if someone broke a rule. There is a rule that girls and boys may not be in one room after a certain time in the evening. A person that already stayed for one semester told me that a couple broke this rule by staying in one room during the night. This was reported and the university was really mad about it and they had to write how sorry they were for what they did, they were really embarrassed and shocked. I think it is quiet hard to prohibit because during my exchange semester more than half of the dormitory residents had a relationship with each other, many lonely people haha. Anyway back to the cleaning talk, the cleaning of the kitchen was explained by the advisors of the I-House, whom are Japanese students of the university. On each floor there is a kitchen available for use by anyone. I can’t really cook and I did not quite like the unhygienic look of the kitchen on my floor, so I would rather go to the cafeteria next to the school campus which has affordable dishes anyway. 

The dormitory

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