May 17, 2015

Visiting the shopping centre of Fukuoka called Tenjin Core

I went to the shopping centre of Fukuoka with two other friends which is called Tenjin Core. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the shopping centre by subway from the dormitory where I was staying. When arrived at Tenjin Core we got lost because there were so many exits… Apparently it was located just above the subway station. There were few traditional Japanese shops such as a kimono shop and souvenir shop. A friend really wanted to buy a kimono, so we went to the kimono shop which was quite expensive! Anyway, I tried to fit a kimono which I definitely could not try on by myself, I needed help. The shop attendant helped me and it looked really difficult how she wrapped the kimono and the other belonging pieces around me… The sleeves were a bit too short which looked less beautiful in my opinion; I guess the size of the kimono was too small. There was also a spectacles shop with many different types of glasses in various colors which I haven’t seen before; they even sold glasses that were made specifically for computer use. I really wanted to get one of them as I am a glasses wearer myself; however, it looked weird on me because the bridge of my nose was way too tall. I guess I will have a hard time to find items that fit me, since my body and face structure is very different compared to that of Japanese people.

Furthermore, since me and my friends love to watch anime and read manga, we went to look for those kinds of shops.  The one shop that I was really curious of was Mandarake, the largest vendor of used anime and manga-related products. When we approached the shop I was astonished that there were manga browsing shelves placed just outside the shop, and I wondered whether if it would eventually be stolen. Inside the shop there were tons of anime, manga , games and figurines, all used but in very good condition. There were many things I found interesting and many things I found weird. There was a shelve full of old dinosaur figurines which indicated that collecting these items was a huge trend during the Godzilla era and still is today.  These angry looking standing dinosaurs weirded me out a bit but that is what to expect when walking into the infamous Mandarake store. Furthermore, I could even find the latest manga (comic) books for a bargain price which made me happy as an anime/manga lover and poor student. Also, manga is a good way to practice reading Japanese! I will definitely return to Tenjin Core, as there are many other shops that I would like to visit, but this was it for today.

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