May 27, 2015

Who has time to Declutter?

Yesterday I found myself perusing the 'decluttering' books on Amazon. There's a new one by a Japanese woman, and guess what - there are at least 598 others. Every time I'm in a bookstore, I pick up one of these books. I have a few on my bookshelf at home as well. Maybe it's time to throw them away?

It's a constant battle, to be organized, for some of us. Others, (or so I've heard), have problems with compulsive cleaning/tidying etc. The grass is always greener somewhere else, but I do I wish I were more balanced.

As a little girl, I remember my dad coming into our bedroom, (ok, it was my cabin), and dumping the giant pile of clothes that had gathered on the extra bunk onto the floor and saying - "Now, tidy it up!" Yup, that helped.

Years later, I sometimes would ask a friend to sit with me as I'd declutter a drawer or two. The company helped a little.

Now I'm a grownup, a mom, a 'role-model' (?Oh God, what a thought!), and I still have a pile of clothes on a chair next to my bed. It never goes away, along with the piles of papers, bills, things I 'need to keep' in the living room, various plastic things in the kitchen, etc.

My clutter follows me around like the dirty secret it is.

Every time I discover a new method, I'm overjoyed (for a while).

  • I have used the GTD method (yup my files are in order except for all the papers scattered around the rest of the house) and I even have a label printer!
  • I have the app. Yup, it's virtually empty and yet there's a list of things to do fluttering around in my head.
  • I have lists on paper.
  • I have lists on the computer.
  • I have a lovely partner who reminds me what to do and when (although sometimes not at the most inopportune moments, like when we are out to eat, when he reminds me to pay the bills...).
  • I have boss(es) Yes, you (!) who create more work with various other apps.
So, how do I still hold down my job(s), get almost everything done, and still manage to do a little gardening, art and writing and feel relaxed?

First of all, I'm not so relaxed (that's what Headspace is for!), but I do make CHOICES. One of those is the choice not to feel guilty about everything I'm not doing.

I also alternate - stuff I gotta do urgently (get that class prepared for tomorrow!) - then fun stuff (blogging!) - then more stuff I need to do (correction work...) - then more fun...

I still don't know the answers, but I don't hate myself. Every once in a while a corner gets decluttered and that is a great feeling - but hey family, don't get used to it!

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