June 24, 2015

Blog 7: Trying out the delicious culinary in Singapore

Blog 7: Trying out the delicious culinary in Singapore

Singapore is known for its delicious culinary As there are multiple culture - Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian – many traditional foods are available in the restaurants. This is also noticeable in the campus’ canteens. First of all, there are 5 canteens on campus, with each having their own set of traditional culinary offered. The most famous dish has to be the  “chicken rice”, which originates from the Hainan province in southern china. You can get this dish for as cheap as 2.50 Singaporean dollars, which is 1.5 euro. You must know that I eat this dish almost 4 times a week.

This week however, I felt that I need to change my diet. Instead of eating chicken rice 4 times a week, I wanted to explore the extensive culinary of Singapore. As European students, I am not familiar with any of the Asian dishes. Moreover, the local Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam offers different dishes compared to here. The funny thing is that the So I asked two of my Singaporean friends to introduce me to best restaurants in Singapore. They were more than happy to help me out.

I asked an exchange students to tag along. Together, we made a plan for each day to visit the famous restaurants in Singapore. On the first day, we started with eating carrot cake. From the name you would think it is a desert. This is far from it. Carrot cake is made from eggs, flour, white radish and is formed to resemble a white carrot, hence the name.

On the second day, we tried the famous chilli crab. This dish is definitely my favorite dish and the most expensive one. It is crab infused with sweet spicy chilli sauce and has a side of some fried buns. I really love this dish due to the crunchy texture and the spicy sauce.

In the end, we tried at least 10 different dishes in the four days. I think I gained a little over 2 Kilograms, but it was all worth it. For those who are going to visit Singapore, keep an open-mind for these dishes. You will see that the eating habits or so different from the European habit. You might even like it!

Arvi Martono

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