June 25, 2015

Blog 8: Going on a trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia! Part 1

Blog 8: Going on a trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia! Part 1

During this week, I might have experienced the real Asian Culture. There were no courses scheduled during this week, which was a great opportunity for my friend and me to explore the amazing placing around Asia. A group total of 5 students planned out a trip starting in Bangkok Thailand, to Chiang Mai Thailand, Luang Prabang Laos, and Siem Riep Cambodia. An insane plan that we would execute within 12 days.

So off we GO!! From Singapore to ThailandBangkok. After arriving in Bangkok on the first day, we were very tired, we just finished the midterms and we were not planning to stay very long in Bangkok. My first impression of Bangkok is that is is very lively. There are people everywhere! people selling food at the food stand for the price of 1 dollar! The food was amazing as well. We ended up walking in the city took many pictures.

After staying 1 day in Bangkok, we decided to take a night bus to Chang Mai. There are so called sleeping beds in these night buses. However, these beds are designed for the Asian body. This means that the mattresses are only 1.80  cm in length. For me being 1.82 cm long, this was very uncomfortable to sleep in. Good thing that we arrived in Chiang Mai the next morning.

Chiang Mai has many amazing things to offer. First of all, there is a safari where you are able to take pictures with lions. These lions are tamed for you to hug them and take pictures with. On top of that, the people in the city are very kind and are willing to help you to find you way. At night, we took the taxi to the border of Thailand-Laos. Since there was no-one to help us cross the border, we had to stay at the nearest city of the border.

The next morning, we crossed to border to Laos, where we took a 20 hour bus ride to Luang Prabang. Compared to the night bus we took from Bangkok, this bus was way worse! Imagine the bus you take in Amsterdam from Bijlmer Arena to Schiphol. Rock hard seats that are not adjustable, combined with the infrastructure in Laos, made it hard for us to sleep during this ride. The worse thing is that the bus driver had put up some very loud rock/metal music. I have nothing against rock music, but hearing it for over 20 hours can be very depressing.

In the following blog, I will continue the story in Laos. For those who will stay a semester in Singapore, I advice you to travel a lot! You might miss some important things if you do not!

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