June 2, 2015

What is in the After(school)Life?

Being in school, fulltime, for the past 19 years or so has made it hard to imagine what exactly my life would look like after I graduate. The automatic and unconscious presumption is of course to start working..fulltime. After all ,that was the reason, the goal, the final destination I went to school for all along. Now, gradually coming closer to the end of my course, and with that the academic chapter of my life, I can’t really say I’m excited or even feel very accomplished… I rather feel anxious about it. 

When I come to think about why this is, it probably has to do with the people around me I have seen made the transition from student to adulthood when graduating and starting to work. They seem to have accepted the 40-hour workweek life without a moment’s thought. After about 40 hours a week for 19 years being ‘’prepped’’ for another 40 hours a week for the next 40 years is a scary prospect if you ask me. I mean why is that something to look forward to?

As a person who naturally can’t seem to feel very attached to material stuff or even most people the most precious thing I own in this life would be ‘time’. Handing the majority of it to a corporation in exchange for some money just seems like not a fair deal..Especially considering the fact I’ll probably hand it back to other corporations in the weekends and evenings in exchange for some food and ‘’stuff’’ that will make me look like ‘’I live comfortably’’. 
No no..I want to actually live comfortably in the real meaning of the word. As in not having to set an alarm every morning to go to a job to make someone else rich, get back home tired, not having time to do anything I like or to develop myself any further on any other field than it being work-related. There has got to be more to life! As cliché as that may sound I do believe it’s true. The hard thing is to figure out what exactly that is when you were  born in a society where your life path was pre-designed  to lead to what is believed to be productive, meaningful (or just to meet the needs of industrialism and capitalism today).

I mean in a way you could say we don’t know any better than this.  It seems like people trying to do this (life) differently are generally being dismissed as lazy, seeking for the easy way out, or simply as unambitious. You now may probably think ‘’okay, interesting but what do you advice me to do then?’’ Well I don’t have the answer either. Hahahahaha..

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