July 2, 2015

Blog 10: Going on a trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia! Part 3

Finally, we arrived in Cambodia as we landed in Seam Reap! First, we had go through customs and proceed with the formalities. To enter Cambodia with an European Passport will cost you around 25 dollars for a two month stay. We only planned to stay for two days before leaving to Singapore.

After we left the Airport, there were tons of tourist companies waiting in line to offer accommodation. We finally found on company who was working for a hotel which was promoted in the books "Lonely Planet Cambodia". 

The first thing we wanted to go to is the city and the infamous night market. The night market is packed with stalls selling a variety of handicrafts, souvenirs and silks. Moreover, there are many bars where you can have a drink or you can enjoy the massage parlors. After a week full of walking with our heavy backpacks, we decided to take a foot massage, which  was only 2 dollars for a 30 minutes.

On the following day, we went to the infamous Angkorwat in the early morning. We arrived there at 5 A.M to see the sunrise behind the temple. The sight was very beautiful, with the sun rising above the temples. 

Once you are in the temples, if actually feels like you are in on of the tomb raider movies.The ancient constructions and the religious monuments make for a beautiful  sight.

The only downside is that the temples are crowded with tourist. Angkorwat attracts thousand and thousands of tourists every day, making it difficult for you to snap a picture without having another person on it. 

Moreover, I felt that every local were very money orientated. The locals trick you into thinking you are their friend. They will do random acts of kindness but will ask money for it afterwards. On top of that, there are many scam artist walking around, and you should definitely be careful coming in contact with them. 

At night, we took the plane back to Singapore. At this point, there are only two week left until the finals. In the next two blogs, I will tell about the school life during exams.

Arvi Martono

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