July 5, 2015

C'est la vie!

C’est la vie..

Momma told me life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get’ –Forrest Gump –

It seems like everyone is trying to figure out ‘ life’. How to be successful? How to be loved? How to be happy? And a lot of other questions to be asked and also which will never be answered. At least not with a simple one-size-fits-all answer. The countless of books who claim to hold the secret to life, the many self-proclaimed life-coaching preachers and all the guru’s in the world have figured out life about just as much as ancient emperors had found the elixir to it.

Personally, I think acceptance is essential in finding peace of mind. (notice how I say finding peace of mind and not a cheat-code to the game) Self-acceptance starts by not allowing yourself to live up to anyone else’s standards and forcing yourself to come up with your own. This is harder than we think, we as social creatures tend to often unconsciously define ourselves by how other people perceive us, especially those who we like. This is dangerous because this means you will lose your identity about just as quick as a person changes his mind. Leaving you lost. Being a solid rock in a restless sea is what I believe the biggest achievement. The ever-changing tides will then become something familiar and you will grow stronger than the currents.

Not just self-acceptance but also the toleration of unforeseen circumstances which are imminent in life will help you reach that state of contentedness. Being mentally flexible is actually a lot like being flexible in the physical sense: your body no longer is limited in movement and can effortlessly reach farther. Being a flexible as a state of mind will allow you to deal with all the circumstances in life, not being afraid of change and will more importantly save you a whole lot of anxiety attacks and break-downs.

This is what I hold on to dearly. As long as I keep that in mind I know that I won’t need to go through this journey shielded, no, I will let my guard down like Muhammad Ali and when life throws a punch I will dodge it like a champ.
 And yes, sometimes I will feel down and out, or at the least heavy-hearted  but that is another part of my acceptance: accepting that when God gave us the ability to feel, he did not leave out any emotion.

So why is it that we still search for loopholes and form conclusion just to reformulate them shortly after? Is it because we humans live with a mindset that demands logic and sense and an answer to every question? Or is it our haughtiness that would never allow us to accept that life and all the meaning of it is something much greater and bigger than our limited human minds could ever comprehend?

We all have our struggles, we all fight our demons every day, we all find and lose love, build our hopes up and have them torn down by disappointment, we all are hurt by some and uplifted by others and so it goes a long ride in the emotional rollercoaster called Life. Each and every one of us lives under different circumstances that is why both pain and joy are relative. That is also why one cannot possibly figure out a way for all of us to make it work.

I say life is not an equation which can be solved. Change one variable and the entire outcome changes. Life is dynamic.

That’s all we can know about life and that’s why we should just live it instead of figuring out how to.

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