July 28, 2015

Writing in the Car

summer gear
28 July 2015 
I know you can see the date by just opening the blog, but I just thought I'd add it here. After all, from the 'bright' sky and the odd clothing combination, you might not be able to figure out which season it is - here in La Belle France.

Theo and I are winding our way down south, to the West Atlantic Coast, but along the way, we sadly encountered some poor weather, not to mention poor taste in clothes.  Which means it's fine as long as the roads stay clear of traffic and straight enough for me to write on. 

Yes, you read that correctly (oops, an adverb). I have been using this time well to write my weekly contribution to the Flash Fiction competition of Musings of Alissa Leonard. You can read last week's story there (written from Amstelveen to Haussez), and this week's story will be online shortly. (go to the comments section to see the stories).

As I write, am trying to integrate the tips I've been learning from Stephen King and others - avoid adverbs and use the first person without filters. Hmmm. that last one is quite tricky.

Anyhoo, it's summer time, and the sun will come out soon, and I have noticed (me filtering myself) that my moods are steadily up rather than down, despite whatever is coming down from the skies. 
This may have to do with Theo being so encouraging lately about my writing. "Write that down," he says, "and that... it's so funny." Well, he's completely objective, which is great!

For now, I'll leave you with a couple of my 'famous' groundbreaking quotes:

Bon soir!

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