September 7, 2015


Dear Students, especially 1st and 2nd year,

I am tired and grumpy, and my family has no idea why. It's quite simple. I have been answering emails from you most of the day. And with the exception of one or two, most of them were very simple questions that could have been very easily answered if only you had taken the tiniest bit of initiative and RTFM. (Read the Manual).

And by manual I mean - go to the DLWO. It's not rocket science. Even I can figure it out, and I grew up without a smart phone.

You are not in high school anymore. You are at university. At university, we expect you to think for yourselves. I know this can be hard. And challenging. And you don't feel like it. Why not just email me?


I explained it at the Introduction day. 
  • Go to the DLWO, sign in, and Follow the courses you are taking.
  • When in doubt, click on that course and read all the material available to you.
  • Go to the subsection of your specific class for even more information.
  • When still confused, ask a classmate. Don't have their emails? Yes, you do, check the emails I have sent you. Your classmates are all there.
  • Still confused? Take a wild guess, and a risk. Maybe you'll get it right.
That's it. I'm not answering any more questions that are more than obvious from doing some reading or asking someone who knows.

Thank you for leaving me in peace,
Your slightly irritated teacher.

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