September 30, 2015

Starting my internship

A few weeks ago I started my internship at Boon Edam, a company that is the world market leader in revolving doors but also has other products in the access and security market. I’ve had a few (relatively simple) jobs before but an internship or office function was something quite new. When starting, I immediately got introduced to a lot of people, way too many names and functions to remember, but nevertheless a good start to be welcomed in a friendly atmosphere.  

I like that the company is a family business. This summer I joined a gym, first starting off with orienting to which one I wanted to go, I walked into a few of them to get a feeling. One would almost reluctantly show you around and give you a leaflet with prices, at another big sport center they would just leave you to ‘have a look’ without saying any further word to you so you’re just basically standing there looking at intimidating overly-muscled guys. I then ended up at a family-owned sport center where you immediately felt welcomed: got a little tour, offered a cup of tea and sitting with you to ask about your goals etc, from then on personally greeting you with your name. Really a world of difference. At Boon Edam too, you immediately get a feeling of being welcome and people are willing to patiently explain whatever there is you want to know.  

One Monday it was planned I could spend the day in the factory to see the process of how they manufacture revolving doors. The factory workers start at 7:15, so I’m lucky to live close by. I was put with a young man at one of the sawing machines. These machines have two saws that cut simultaneously, so they are able to saw aluminum profiles accurately to the millimeter. The finished profiles together with aluminum plates are put together on a cart and when complete it was send to the next department together with myself.  

After sawing, I could now help at the punchline machine, which makes holes in/shapes the ends of the aluminum profiles. I continued down the process line just like the products did and found it really interesting. Besides sawing and making holes I also got to work with some screwdrivers, drills, and I could put together a frame for the glass panel. Finishing the day by applying the Boon Edam logo on the glass door (bit of a proud moment).

It may not have had much to do with my study, but working in the factory was certainly fun and instructive. Also making my internship research assignment and work easier when able to relate it to the gained experiences.


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