September 30, 2015

Writing the internship activity report

If everything goes well I will graduate by the end of this school year. About time, because I already have some study delay. Although I still find it hard to think of what I would like to do career-wise, getting a bachelor degree would already be a weight off my shoulders. All my efforts are therefore now on school by mainly doing my internship and further doing a group project about writing an import plan. Additionally exams are coming up, one more month left to prepare for them.

 Yesterday was the deadline for handing in the first activity report about the internship. It needs to be uploaded to OnStage every 4 weeks and describes the main tasks or activities you have been doing in the past month. Thereafter you need to describe the results in relation to the previously set goals and reflect on them.  

I have mainly described my work in the several departments. However, the actual idea of the internship is to cooperate in one department and to have a separate, individual research task besides it. In the beginning, it is important to make clear with your company coach what he can expect from you, and what you aim to do in the company. I have noticed it was still not fully clear to him what I (my school) expected from the internship since I had to spend most of my time doing individual research. However after several hours of sitting behind your desk, it becomes quite difficult to remain concentrated or to even sit still. Moreover, when reading in the documents describing the deliverables for the internship you can already forecast problems because in the end you need to describe your department and tasks in full detail.

Until now I have regularly met with my company coach to discuss the progress, and have now also expressed this concern about the ‘cooperation in the department’ part. Guess it will be fine in the end. All good as long as the HvA will be satisfied and my internship company will be pleased with my contribution so I can earn my credits. Anyway, I have already learned a lot from working in the company. It is good to see that terms treated  in previous courses come back as well as for example seeing transport documents in real, after having learned about them in theory.

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