November 6, 2015


It has been a bit of a busy week because of the exams. I had three of them, of which I failed two (both corporate finance), but at least passed management & organisation with a 8,1. It’s been so busy lately with school and work which also contributed to not having enough time to prepare for the exams, can only hope the resits will be better.

Today was the deadline for handing in the mid-term appraisal form so this afternoon I’ve sat with my company coach to complete the form. There were a few points for improvement but luckily overall he’s satisfied and positive about the progress so far. He has read my report so far (it was 60 pages already, and I also have additional documents) and given his feedback on that as well. I’ll try to make it a little more compact, because I even get lost in all the information myself sometimes.

Earlier my company coach has introduced me to another student who is part-time working at the company and does process optimizations and has a background in logistics. He can help me with my research topic, particularly to create a kind of calculation tool in excel for looking at several scenarios for the shipping costs. It’s nice that he’s full of ideas but he talks so much I can sometimes hardly get a word in between. That doesn’t really bother me though, it mainly is nice to be able to share ideas and get feedback. I’ve also had a meeting with someone of another company that is also doing research on their transport processes for import/export and the HS codes, but turned out they are not as far in the process as Boon Edam, so for exchanging experiences it would be more beneficial for them than the other way around.

Anyway, now time to continue watching a movie. Weekend has started and a bit of relaxation is very welcome!

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