November 27, 2015


Weekend! I’m so much looking forward to not having to wake up by the sound of the alarm at 7am. This morning at the office I felt I was still half asleep while sitting behind the desk. Nevertheless I tried to make myself a bit useful. In the past few days I’ve made a few comparison between lists, related to the used HS codes and tariffs and have now sent the outcomes to my company supervisor. Time seems to pass so quickly now. Only two more months left until the end of the internship, and the start of the thesis next semester. I haven’t started looking for a company (or subject yet), so I guess I’ll better start soon with that. If possible, it would be nice to do it for the same company where I’m doing my internship.
 For the course Project International Trade, last Tuesday was the final presentation. Can’t really tell if it were good or bad, as no feedback was given and I was somewhat too nervous to really pay attention. Tonight is the deadline for handing in the report, so fingers crossed a sufficient grade will follow soon.
With the holidays coming up, two birthdays this week and moving to a new home soon it’s still quite busy, but at least those are nice distractions.  Whenever I have time I go looking for stuff for my new home. Fun, only too bad it’s really expensive and internships don’t make you very rich. But at least I’m happy I get some compensation since at many other companies you get nothing at all. Apart from the time living abroad for my exchange abroad period, it will be my second time living on my own since I’d lost my previous home in a fire earlier this year. I’ll live even closer to work, so perhaps I will go cycling to work (only need a new bike for that because mine got stolen, not my most luckiest year I guess). Anyway, that would be much better than the daily hour’s travel I had when going to school.

A little while ago at work there was the end-of-year’s presentation in the company’s cafetaria where there was reflected on the set goals etc. It came a bit as a surprise, as I hadn’t been informed about the meeting as I’m actually working for of a different part of the company than where I’m situated. Also the managing director will soon leave the company, so it was a bit of a goodbye to him as well. All familiar faces were present, and a few presentations were held. My company coach as well held a speech in which he even mentioned me and my research so that was nice. Afterwards there was time to chat with others and enjoy the free drinks and snacks that were offered.    

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