November 13, 2015

Making peace, one friend at a time

Ahmed Meligy's photo.
I'm so happy that Ahmed Meligy is coming to Amsterdam this January (2016), and I will get to know him even better - face to face. I'm proud to be a friend of this brave man.
I immigrated to Israel in 1978, right around the time of the peace accord between President of Egypt Anwar ElSadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and I remember it well as a time of hope for so many in the region. We danced in the streets singing peace songs and truly believed the day would come soon that we would be all co-existing and thriving in the Middle East.
Sadly, that day is still not here, and hope is hidden away in a dark unused corner of an old closet, in a abandoned house. People like Ahmed are daring to enter those houses and reigniting the flame of hope, trust and peace.
Be in peace my friend! As-Salaam-Alaikum, Shalom Alechem!

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