November 16, 2015

Mid-term appraisal, halfway there!

After the exams, last week was luckily a little less busy but still somewhat exciting because it was time for the mid-term appraisal by my company supervisor. Thinking of it, it means I have already completed more than half of the internship period by now, yay. Another nice thing is that the company will be closed by the end of the year. Maybe it isn’t that surprising, but I hadn’t thought of it before and a week of holiday to look forward to is of course a very positive thing.

Anyway back to the mid-term appraisal. I was slightly nervous about it, because it was hard to predict what feedback I could expect. I had already collected several files with extensive information (think of files with 30 to 60 pages on logistical matters and HS codes I had written) but it still needs to be transformed to something more practically useable.

We’ve gone through the form  in which you mainly reflect on the tasks and goals set in the commencement form. Luckily I can overall conclude the feedback given was quite positive with only a bit of feedback on being ‘more demanding about achieving goals’. Since I’m very calm by nature and therefore always somewhat careful not to ‘disturb’ anyone too much, I could largely agree with what he said. Moreover he valued my motivation and commitment so I’m satisfied.

For Project International Trade (a course I take at school) next Tuesday will be the final presentation. It is a group project in which we write an import plan for importing chewing gum with collectable dragon ball posters from Japan into the Netherlands. My part mainly is about the landed costs (so the purchase price + freight and insurance, possible import duties and taxes etc.) with some legal aspects as well. Presentations are not really my favourite thing, but I really hope the content of the report/presentation will at least be sufficient to pass the course.

Besides all that, I’ve put together a little overview for myself with the courses I still need to finish in order to graduate. For quite some time I’ve struggled with the idea of quitting the study and doing something else, or continuing. I’m glad now I haven’t given up, and even though it’s still unsure whether I will graduate by the end of this school year, I at least have some hope now. On Facebook I’ve also liked a few pages to get positive quotes for a bit of motivation every day. You never know how it may help.

The class with whom I do the Project International Trade course will do their exchange next semester. For me it’s already been a few years ago, but since my group members heard I’ve already been to Kaohsiung they like to ask me about my experiences there and it’s nice to give them some recommendations and think back of the period. Besides a lot of stress and sleepless nights, it remembers this study has also brought good things, friends, and experiences.

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