December 17, 2015


Yesterday all people working for Boon Edam received their Christmas gift. Even though I'm 'only an intern' I received one as well, but not only me, even a consultant who works here 1 day a week and other temporary workers as well received a box from the company. Again a nice gesture from the company.
The box was mainly filled with sweets: chocolates, licorice, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies and furthermore some garlicbreads, a weekendbag and a selfie-stick. I actually prefer a bit more healthy living but chocalates + cookies are always hard to resist. It doesn't really matter either that may not be eating or using all of it. I still think it's more fun to be surprised with a nice gift box than to receive a giftcard (which reminds me I haven't even used the one I received last year.. printed it now, hope it's not yet expired).
I had sent a draft of the final report to my internship supervisors and tuesday I received some feedback. Luckily the feedback from both supervisors were quite positive. Even though there is still a few things to adjust etc., overall I guess with some effort during these last months it must be fine. In response to the reaction I received on my application for the thesis I visited the manager's office and for tommorow afternoon I have an appointment to further discuss it. My current company coach already said that if it wouldn't work out we could look for another opportunity under his supervision so I guess it will turn out well.

Furthermore, after a long period of waiting, my new kitchen was installed today. Since I had to spent the day at the office my father updated me from time to time with some photos of the process. Bit distracting at work but wouldn't have wanted to miss it. Luckily holidays have almost started and then I guess I will try out some nice recipes.