December 14, 2015


Last weekend was the company's end-of year's party: a masquerade at an hotel in Hoorn. That same day I also went Christmas shopping in Osnabruck, Germany, so it was a fun but long day. 

The hotel had a really luxurious feel and the entrance included a revolving door made by Boon Edam. When walking up the staircase and entering the 'party zone' you could hear the live band playing and it was well-attended with many people of Boon Edam and their significant other. There was also a nice Venice gondola boat that fitted the theme, where a professional photographer took photos of the party-goers. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor masquerade
Everyone can take an introducee with them so I took my niece with me (which guarantees for fun but was also a motivation to actually go because when I got back from Germany it was late and the party was already started). The first person I recognized was the cleaner who cleans Boon Edam's offices every day. Later I saw her again having a good time on the dancefloor. Also the the lady from the cafeteria and the receptionists were present. I think it's nice they got invited as well, guess not all companies would do so. Within the company it feels everybody is accepted and just as important as any other employee. I'm sharing my desk with 3 managers but it's not a strict hierarchy at all and luckily everyone is easily approachable.

At the office I'm really starting to feel the deadline of the internship period approaching. I need to put together a good final internship report with a decent research but it's still quite a lot of work. I've sent a draft version of the report to my internship supervisors of school and the company, so hope I will receive some helpful feedback tomorrow.

In the next semester I need to do my thesis as the final part of my studies. I've made a thesis proposal and asked my company supervisor whether there might be an opportunity at Boon Edam to do this research. I was happy not to receive 'no' for an answer, and he actually said it sounded interesting to him so that was a relief. Friday afternoon, he gave me the contact details of the managing director of Boon Edam Global Exports (a subsdiary of Royal Boon Edam International), where I applied that same day. Today he replied and I'll drop by his office this week to further discuss a few things, good hope therefore that I might do my thesis at Boon Edam as well!

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