January 1, 2016

2016 New year challenges/resolutions?

It's the first day of the new year, and I have a few (dozen) things on my to do list. Or should I say, my resolutions? 
I dunno why I love to challenge myself so much. I read somewhere recently about adrenaline junkies. Could be I'm one of those. Love the stress. And hate it at the same time. But boredom is the thing I hate even more, and personal growth is one of my key core values. 
So, here goes:

  1. Write 100,000 words this year. (this is only 274 a day). This is while being a member of the 365K club of writers - many of whom are taking the 'real' challenge of 365K words this year. So, this is a lightweight challenge (apparently). Perhaps resolution no. 2 should be to write with fewer brackets?
  2. Declutter my stuff. Have bought and am listening to the audio version of Andrew Mellen's "Unstuff your life."
    So far, I read the introduction, and the first chapter and also filled out an EXTENSIVE questionnaire that revealed to me: I have a lot of overwhelming stuff in my life, and it's making it hard for me to get my priorities right, but I do know how to set some boundaries. (Just not yet how to part with my stuff...).
  3. Get a handle on my time management so I can write more - so I have signed up for Katharine Grubb's Time Management Bootcamp/  course /blog /help/advice... Monday mails. Hoping this talented writer who does it all, can help me to do it all too!
  4. Renovate our new house - together with newlywed hubby Theo and perhaps help of our teens too? And keep within our budget...
  5. Move into said house, deadline: 27 February 2016!
  6. Keep my day job (which I happen to love!) - teaching personal development and coaching 4 classes of university students at HvA
  7. Do art this year, and perhaps start teaching the Intuitive Painting Classes
    once there is room to do so in our new house, or in an alternative space, since I'll be living much closer to Amsterdam by then! Keep posted on my website: www.creativetherapy.nl 
  8. Keep up with Continuous Education required by the professional organization of counselors I belong to: ABvC. (Dutch Organization of Counselors). I need to take a course or two that will earn me enough credits to reregister - but also that I am interested in. (What aren't I interested in? I'm so curious about EVERYTHING!).
  9. Read Teen Angels and make sure my teens remain the angels they are (mostly). And that we all survive this period to be best of our abilities. And that I am enough of an encouraging parent so they can be prepared for the world as mature, capable, confident young adults.
  10. Keep up my own health – physical and emotional – as I go through the bumpy period of (yay) menopause! 

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