January 12, 2016

BE Young

I’ve had several e-mails before with an invitation for the younger generation within Boon Edam, to get together and share ideas. On one of my rounds to the coffee machine, I met two colleagues who happened to organize the event BE Young. After a little persuasion I then promised to go there as well. It is organized once every month, and this time it was at the Damhotel in Edam. We got together at the receptionist desk to walk over to the hotel together. It still had some Christmas decorations, and was surprisingly pretty. Generous as always, the drinks were paid for by the company and there were snacks offered as well. 
One colleague had prepared a poster that supported a short fun presentation that was held. It mainly was about why BE Young was set up and how people could come up with ideas etc. Besides that, it was mainly hanging out and meeting new colleagues while enjoying a drink.

The next work day it was again a bit of a festive day, as it was the birthday of two colleagues. They had brought delicious homemade coconut-, carrot-, and cheesecake to celebrate. Inspiring enough, with my last internship day approaching soon I will bake something nice as well!

For next Thursday, I have planned a meeting with my company-coach-to-be about the thesis next semester. I still need to complete a form with the research question, company details etc. so it can be signed and uploaded for approval. Only too bad the schedule for school is not known yet (at least I couldn’t find anything), and my study advisor isn’t responding either), because I need to tell HR which days I will be present.

Hope that within a few days all will be settled though.


  1. Sounds like you're making some new good contacts - work and play can be combined. I have really enjoyed reading about your Internship! Thanks for writing this! What kinds of cakes will you be bringing ? Baking them yourself?

  2. Thanks! I'm glad to hear. I don't know yet what cakes I'll make, but it will probably be something vegan as that always has my preference. Still need to experiment a bit with that though!