January 21, 2016


Tomorrow will already be my last day of my internship period at Boon Edam. In an hour, I'll have a meeting with my company supervisor to fill in the final appraisal form (which includes the feedback and grade he would give me, as input for the evaluation by my school’s internship supervisor and assessor). Yesterday I already briefly spoke with him, and he sounded positive enough about my internship report and told me it was a ‘good report’, but he still had a few questions about it, so enough reason for wishing the meeting will be over soon. Probably next week I'll then have one final meeting with my school's supervisor as well to discuss the internship period and the report.

Yesterday’s meeting eventually was quite fun though. I had a meeting with my next company supervisor, an area manager of the Southeast Asian region who happened to be in the Netherlands for a couple of weeks, and with another student who will do his graduation assignment for the same department. Of course, the thesis will have to be an independent research, so I hope that won’t be a problem as long as we both focus our research on a different country and have distinctively different reports in the end. I gave my new colleague a little tour to show a few of the departments, including the Distribution and Support Centre where I’m currently located and the factory. After that we’ve sat in the cafeteria to further discuss the research and to get to know each other a bit, so that was a nice change from the daily routine. Tomorrow I’ll meet with my company supervisor again to get his signature for the approval form and then soon my week of holiday will start.
For tomorrow the first cake is already finished: a vegan ‘lemon-raspberry cheesecake’. It’s a bit of a risk, as it is the first time for me to make this cake. But if not tasty, I guess it will be the gesture that counts. Tonight I will make a quiche, a chocolate cake, and perhaps one more as it’s quite a large department.

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