January 4, 2016

Day 4: Update on resolutions

Just a short post today, because I have little time. Remember the day job? Have to get up early and go to work! I have more or less forgotten how to get up early for work. That's something that I tend to do in the holidays. My biological rhythm goes - hmmm - dark - stay indoors (preferably in bed) in the morning - and at night - woohoo - like an owl - I can stay up for ages1

So, quick update:

  1.  Writing - yes! Am on track! (300 words a day) Well, no need to break out the champagne just yet - anyone can write for 3 (and now 4) consecutive days, right?
  2. Unstuff my stuff - got stuck with the million questions that Mr. Andrew Mellen asks. IF I wanted to take a course in self development (instead of teach them), I would have done that. I wanted my house decluttered! But haven't given up yet.
  3. Time Management: Still waiting for my Monday mail from the Time Management bootcamp (so am not yet behind!)
  4. Renovation: Went to home appliance store today with hubby and ordered all the stuff for our new bathroom! Can you believe it was our 4th trip to a bathroom appliance store, and we spent 4 hours there (today), and finally made a decision... exhausting!!! And that's just the tip of the iceberg!
  5. Moving: Hubby is searching for moving boxes, so I have a feeling we will ace this move!
  6. Day job: Yes, caught up with most of my emails from students and although there is a pile of reports waiting for me, I will be at school tomorrow, starting to tackle them!
  7. Art? What art? Who the heck has time for art? Maybe tomorrow...
  8. Continuous Education: Had brilliant idea to check if the many Coursera.org courses I'm taking anyway will count towards CE points?! Learning how to Learn is my latest course! Great!
  9. Teenager education: My teens are certainly educating me. Can't say much more about this as they may be checking my social media activity. Not sure who is the parent and who is the child at this stage. 
  10. Health: Got in touch with sister in law - Yaara Barkan - who gave me an hour of her precious time - she's an alternative medicine doc - and she mixed me a wicked Bach flower remedy brew which I have been slurping constantly. Besides that, I forced myself to go to the gym today! 
All in all - I am the evil wicked one who is actually keeping up with many of my resolutions! Don't hate me! Firstly it's only the first 4 days, and secondly, I can't help being the teacher's pet!
And yup - that's 459 words right there!

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