January 10, 2016

Like mother, like son

The apple never falls far from the tree.

I am overjoyed, proud, excited, gushing with awe. My son, the writer. Who knew that he had it in him? That he even wanted to write?
A few days ago, Yoav writes casually in our family group chat, “Yea, I wrote a blog, you can read it here.”
I read it – and it was GOOD!
Next day, I apped him (he was at his dad’s house). “Nice job, Yoav!” And what does he write back?
“Did you read today’s blog?” Excitedly, I went to the blog. Low and behold, he’s done it again!
Ever since, and it’s been 5 days now, my teenage son, THE WRITER, has been writing daily!
He’s a philosopher, an opinionated person, a force to be reckoned with.

I like to think that perhaps, maybe, you never know, could it be that I had something to do with it? On January 1st, I started my 365K challenge (even though I’m only doing the 100K per year), and Yoav showed an interest. I explained the rules, and asked if he wanted to do something similar? He was vague and non-committal at the time, but as a parent to a teenager, that’s something I have started to realize too. When you give your kids some good ideas, they pretend not to listen, but before you know it, they are doing exactly what you suggested. Gives me a warm feeling to know that I can still have a good influence on them (sometimes).

But is it good that Yoav is writing? I know that we have an issue with competitiveness in our family – especially between Yoav and I, since we are the ones who most care about WINNING, while Naomi and Theo are more harmony seeking people! Besides that, I remember that years ago, when my amazingly talented sister (Margot Gran) started writing in addition to painting, the green dragon of envy tried to make me envious. Why can’t we each have our own talents? Margot will be the artist (yes, it’s true I paint too), Yoav will be the wonderful history and language student, I will be the writer, me, me, me!!!

So, I might be a smidgen jealous. But also an extremely, overwhelmingly proud mama!(sorry, Stephen King, for all those adjectives).

Wanna read his stuff? Go for it!! His blog is titled “RoughlyPerfect.”

I wonder what else he's copying from me? I hope only good things!

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