April 5, 2016

Appreciation #2: Gusto Di Casto Gelderlandplein

The best sandwiches in town
"Mom, I finished my run around the lake in less than 20 minutes!"
"Super!" I said, with what I hoped was the right degree of encouragement and enthusiasm. I had no idea if that was a good time, but he sounded happy, so I hoped I had gotten it right.
"So..." he continued, "I was thinking of those sandwiches at the Gelderlandplein. As a kind of reward, what'ya think?"
My mouth drooled. I hadn't had lunch. I'd been pretty good about my expenses this month. 
"You know what?" I replied. "let's go!" We hopped onto our bikes and yes, in 10 minutes (now everything is close by!!!), we were there - Gusto di Casto!

Better than new
The place has been renovated (last October, the guy told me), and the food is as good as it's always been. The juicy spinach salad, the marinated artichokes, the olive rolls (freshly baked), etc. Of course, the coffee is delicious too, (it's Italian!), and yes, they have soya milk, so I could have a cappuccino!
We peeked upstairs where there's now a whole floor of tables, and sat down below on a comfy sofa facing the door. The atmosphere was upscale and relaxed. The place is open from 8 am. to 19:30 or 20:00 some days. We may have to return for a pasta breakfast another time, I thought.

Any room for improvement?
Well, like I hinted at above, you really do have to pay for the amazing sandwiches, but they are worth every cent. And they are big enough to save half for later, so you can enjoy them doubly! 

While we were there, we also got a language lesson! "Prego," the waiter /cook/owner? said, as he gave us our food. "Gracias?" I answered hesitantly, and he promptly corrected me, "Grazie, otherwise, it's Spanish." Later, I asked him to spell it out for me. And now I know. Grazie! It was delicious!

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